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Industrial ventilators, blowers fans engineering sales -  New York Blower,American Coolair,ILG,Illinois Blower,Industrial Gas Engineering Industrial air products,fan and bllower including high temperature & high pressure blowers and fans,pressure blowers,heavy duty industrial process fans and blowers. Quick delivery shipment of indusced forced draft heavy duty industrial fan and blower. NEW YORK FAN


Industrial ventilators, blowers fans engineering sales -  New York Blower,American Coolair,ILG,Illinois Blower,Industrial Gas Engineering Industrial air products,fan and bllower including high temperature & high pressure blowers and fans,pressure blowers,heavy duty industrial process fans and blowers. Quick delivery shipment of indusced forced draft heavy duty industrial fan and blower.

New York Fan Company is a leading supplier of industrial and commercial centrifugal and axial fans, blowers, ventilators for various air moving applications.

We offer a complete line of fan /blower equipment, from small panel fans capable of moving a few hundred cubic feet per minute, to large, heavy duty industrial mechanical draft fans with capacities to 1,000,000 CFM, and with static pressures from 0" Water Column (WC) to 140" WG.

New York Fan Co. products include standard centrifugal fan and axial fan designs as well as custom manufactured units to meet  customer requirements.

New York Fan have supplied blowers and fans to a wide range of industries and applications including: combustion air supply, material handling, process ventilation, ovens and dryers, iron and steel industry, mine and tunnel ventilation, petro-chemical, power generation, marine and off-shore structures, pulp and paper, HVAC, paint / spray booths, fertilizer, and various emission control applications. For commercial HVAC market, New York Fan offer general ventilation fans for insitutional and retail buildings, schools, restaurants and hospitals. Special materials, construction, explosion-proof and spark-resistant design, variety of coatings and accessories are available to fit any application needs.

New York Fan air moving products are best known for "industrial quality" assuring reliable performance, relentless dependability, and longevity. A staff of specially trained engineers will design a dependable fan that exactly fits customers' dimensional and performance reqirements. New York fans are sold and serviced by air moving experts that can evaluate your needs and provide best recommendations for your fan / blower application.

State of the Art Manufacturing

All our manufacturer's production facilities are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery. From the parts list the components are produced on computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machines to minimize throughput time and achieve precise tolerances. 

On completion of the equipment, a test run and final inspection is carried out.  

All work is conducted by highly skilled production personnel. 

The ability to work with many materials is due to the high levels of welding expertise in the Company, continuously updated by an ongoing commitment to training and the achievement of appropriate welding certificates.

Modern test facilities are used to develop and test even large scale fans and blowers prior to shipment up to and including motor powers of 600 HP.

Quality re-assured

Recent customer surveys show that more than 90% of customers recognize our products as being of excellent quality with very long life expectancy. Customer complaints (including customer errors and incomplete deliveries) are consistently less than one percent of total shipments. 


Reinforcing their commitment to total quality all of our suppliers offer a 12 month warranty after shipment on all fans and 3 years on heat exchangers. 

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Oleg Tchetchel, Ph.D. President


ngineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators.

Surge Limiting Pressure Blowers are designed for high pressure, low flow, industrial-process applications. Unique wheel and housing design minimizes surge without the need for auxiliary equipment /accessories when process conditions approach shutoff. Numerous modifications and accessories make the Surge Limiting Pressure Blower suitable for a wide range of systems.
Surge Limiting PB Radial Blade wheels: ugged, all-welded wheels designed with blade inducers for stable operation from shutoff to wide open without the need for special accessories. Open shrouded blower wheel design is capable of handling light particulate-laden dust or moist airstreams. Air-handling efficiencies of the Surge Limiting PB Fans are higher than common radial fans at low flow conditions and, therefore, offer lower noise levels.
• Completely customizable to accommodate unique process and job site conditions including elevated temperatures, corrosive gas streams, and stringent leakage requirements.
• Unique wheel and housing design minimizes surge without the need for auxiliary equipment/accessories when process conditions approach shutoff.
• Wheel sizes from 22” to 98” diameters. Custom sizes are also available.
• Capacities to 30,000 CFM.
• Pressures to 180” WG.
• Temperatures to 1,200°F.
• Choice of direct-drive or belt-drive arrangements.
• Optional Arrangement 7 with integral-base eliminates the need for field erection of independent bearing pedestals and sole plates... complete factory-assembled units up to Size 73 are test run and balanced prior to shipment.
• Availablein clockwise and counterclockwise rotations in customizable discharge positions.
Flanged inlet and outlet — standard on all sizes...furnished with bolt holes for ease of installation.
Lifting eyes — standard on all sizes for ease of handling.
Shafting — high quality, close tolerance, turned, ground, and polished.
Ceramic-felt shaft seals — standard on all Arr. 1 and 8 fans...multiple seal elements compressed between metal backing plate and retainer.
Precision balancing — all Surge Limiting PB wheels are dynamically balanced before final assembly... after final assembly all fans are given a final balance check on a rigid test block at the specified operating speed.
Heavy-duty bearings — selected per job based on design performance, temperature, and operating speed to ensure long life at the design conditions.
Standard two-coat paint system — two coats of green industrial enamel. Heat Fans (301°F and above) are coated with high-temperature paint.
Designed to fit flush with fan inlet and outlet flanges, provided with a matching hole pattern.
Welded tank flange [NPT], 1 1/2” located at the lowest point in the housing scroll.
Two types of gasketed door available... bolted: closely spaced   studs   keep   door   securely   sealed...; raised bolted: allows for insulation when desired, door raised 2” from the fan housing.
Minimizes entry losses normally associated with 90 degrees turns at or near fan inlet... also available with parallel-blade damper for efficient volume control.
Ceramic-felt shaft seals consisting of compressed ceramic felt elements are standard on Arrangements 1 and 8. Lubricated lip seals [Buna-N, Teflon, and Viton] and gas-purgeable mechanical seals are also available.
External vane construction provides pre-spun air effect to control fan performance efficiently... maximum temperature: 800°F.
Rubber-in-shear or spring-type isolation mounted to rugged structural unitary base reduces the transmission of vibration to the mounting structure.
Arrangement 1 fan, motor, and guards can be mounted and shipped on a rugged, structural-steel base. Factory-assembled and run-tested prior to shipment.
Heavy gauge dampers are available for volume control.
Also available: drive components such as motors, couplings and V-belt drives as well as a variety of preventive-maintenance products including vibration detectors, bearing-temperature detectors, and zero-speed switches.
Cost-effective protective coatings under a variety of trade names are available to increase the fan’s resistance to adverse, corrosive environments.
2-inch long weld-studs located on all surfaces of housing exterior... recommended for use with field installed insulation...studs are normally mild steel; stainless steel and other alloys available on request.
Standard Arrangement 1 and 8 Surge Limiting PB Fans are designed to handle airstreams to 300°F. Surge Limiting PB Fans handling 301°F to 1200°F airstreams are furnished with shaft cooler and shaft cooler guard, and all surfaces are coated with high temperature paint. Fans are designed for temperatures above 800°F  are custom designed per the application’s requirements.
Wheel widths and diameters can be adjusted to meet volume and pressure requirements at most efficient operating point.
Provides for wheel and shaft removal... split portion can be removed without disturbing the inlet or outlet connections.
Intended to minimize the potential for any two or more fan components to generate sparks within the airstream by rubbing or striking during operation. The following types are available:
AMCA A [AIRSTREAM] SRC (on application): To include all airstream parts constructed of a spark-resistant alloy... maximum temperature: 200°F.
AMCA B [WHEEL] SRC (on application): To include the fan wheel constructed of a spark-resistant alloy and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening... maximum temperature: 200°F.
AMCA C [BUFFER] SRC (on application): To include a spark-resistant alloy buffer affixed to the housing interior adjacent to the wheel backplate, a spark-resistant alloy inlet assembly, and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening.. maximum temperature: 650°F.
ALL TYPES SRC Fan is to be so constructed such that no bearings, drive components, or electrical apparatus are located in the airstream... the user must electrically ground all fan and system components.
Surge Limiting PB Fans are available with various grades of stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, and Carpenter 20 for corrosive, non-abrasive airstream contaminants.