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We have added a high temperature fan line to our extensive ventilators offering. 

We now supply a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers for operation up to 2200 F to meet all of your requirements.  Custom as well as standard designs are available for all temperatures and atmospheres, including vacuum.
  Twin City Fan blower ventilator TCF       Ovent circulation high temperature plug fan blower ventilator     High temperature oven circulating fan blower ventialtor

High temperature fans are fundamentally divided into two general classes - Centrifugal Fans and Axial Ventilators. 

Fans utilizing centrifugal fan wheels are used in applications requiring low to moderate volumes of air with a wide range of static pressure.  Air flow discharges at right angles to the fan axis rotation.
Multiblade fan blower wheel impeller for high temperature plug fan Radial wheel for blower fan impeller. Replacement fan blower ventilator blade wheel Replacement blower impeller blade wheel    multiblade                   radial paddle                radial high pressure             backward inclined 

Fans utilizing axial blade wheels are used in applications requiring very large volumes of flow at low static pressure.  Air flow discharges parallel to the blower axis rotation
Industrial Gas Engineering fan blower Garden City ventilator   Industrial gas engineering Garden City ABB fan blower   Axial oven circulation plug fans.
Direct driven oven circulating fans frequently incorporate an water cooled super-high-temperature motors: Hight temperature KB motor for fan blower  

This heat resistant, sealed motor was developed as a direct drive unit, which copes successfully with shaft temperatures up to 2100 F under pressure, vacuum and high ambient temperature conditions.  The unit is ideally suited to such metallurgical applications as carburizing, nitriding, cyaniding, clean annealing and vacuum heat treating, which require both high temperature and gas tight sealing. 

We offer replacement fans and cartridges for Garden City high-temperature fans
at very competitive price !!

High temperature oven plug fan. T.C.F. Twin City fan blower ventilators repairs. Quick supply of idustrial axial fans, air circulation ventilators, warehouse ventilators, high volume ventilation fans, hot air ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, portable industrial blowers, garage ventilators, PRV roof fans, explosion proof pressure blowers, wall ventilators, fan wheel blades, combustion pressure blowers, pvc ventilators, ID fans, FD fans, force draft ventilators, induse draft blowers, propylene & FRP PVC ventilators, spark-resistant blowers, sealed ventilators, dust collector ventilators & fans.

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Super-high-temperature inductial fans and blowers.

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Compact Pressure Blowers:

Canada Blower Pressure Blowers are ideal for combustion air, pneumatic conveying systems, fluid bed aeration, cooling, drying systems, and recommended to use in various high pressure fan applications.

With pressures to 23" WG and volumes to 4,000 CFM, the range of the Canada Blower Pressure Blower has been widened to include a selection of smaller DIA wheel / housing combinations. Different belt driven and direct driven fan arrangements and eight discharge positions are available for most sizes. Although direct drive is the most popular for most applications, belt driven models are available as well.

Canada Blower Compact pressure blowers are characterized by very stable performance: the pressure curve remains stable from wide-open to close-off, thus blower instability, or pulsation, is eliminated even when "turn-down" approaches zero flow. Standard steel radial blower wheel ensures optimum efficiency. Canada Blower advanced wheel design and aerodynamic housing design combine for air-handling efficiency superior to conventional radial-wheel designs.

With such a wide range of performance there is a standard Canada Blower compact pressure blower model to meet every requirement without lengthy times or custom pricing. Put Canada Blower experience and "Industrial Quality" fan / blower building experience to work for you.

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