Industrial HVAC fans, heating and ventilation fan blowers, centrifugal airfoil fans, radial blowers and ventilators, high pressure blowers, high temperature oven circualtion plug fans; and wall / roof exhaust and air make-up ventilators. Canada Fan engineers of fans, blowers, ventilators, as well as replacement wheel blades and impellers, idustrial pressure blowers, commercial ventilating fans, high temperature blowers, high pressure fans blowers, OEM fans, roof and wall fan exhaust fans, ventilating and air-conditioning fans, petro chemical process and OEM blowers, custom built Canada Blower / New York fans, ventilators, dust collector radial paddle fans, combustion pressure blowers, oven circulation fans, heat exchangers, industrial and commercial heating and cooling coils, aluminum, copper and stainless steel finned coils.




HVAC Components

  Canada blower Co. offers a variety of industrial, process and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for practically any HVAC application:

Electric Gas Heaters

  • Capacities to 1000 kW, 40 kW/ft2 
  • (3) Electric elements types: open element, tubular element, finned element 
  • Various mounting types: Slip-In, Flanged, Round Collar
  • A superior quality with very reasonable cost 
  • Low maintenance - no serviceable components 
  • Horizontal or vertical duct installation 
  • Capacities above 1000 kW - on application

Air Systems

  • High-penetration air knife blowers 
  • Laminar flow air curtains 
  • Tangential blowers 
  • Air gates fans
  • Air screens ventilators
  • Air circulation fan systems 
  • Material handling blowers systems 

Electric duct heater
Neptronic electric duct heaters
Neptronic electric duct heater

Industrial blowoff airknife

Blow-off air-knife industrial system
Industrial air curtain

Dampers and Actuators

  • Fan and blower dampers 
  • Louvers and shutters 
  • Butterfly and vortex dampers 
  • Electric/pneumatic actuators 
  • Isolation and flow diverter dampers 

Industrial air damper

Regenerative Blowers

  • High pressure side channel blowers
  • Explosion proof regenerative blowers
  • 2-Stage regen blower systems 
  • Volume control devices 
  • Stainless steel regen blowers 
Regenerative side channel high pressure blowers.

Sound/Vibration Control

  • Blower and fan silencers
  • Industrial sound enclosures
  • Acoustical panels 
  • Vibration eliminators
  • Stack silencers
Manufacturers of backward curved fans, heat blowers, air fans and air blowers, positive displacement PD blowers, commercial air blowers, drying fans, dry air blowers, heavy duty air ventilators, compressed air blowers, wall / roof mounted fans, forward curved fans, radial blowers, fan blades, plug fans, high pressure fans, fume extractor fans, suction vacuum blower, warehouse fans / ventilators, large industrial fans, large industrial ventilators. Fan blower silencers engineers.

Dust Collectors

  • Cyclone and cartridge type dust collectors 
  • Air Scrubbers 
  • Fume extractors 
  • Local exhaust systems 
  • Electric precipitators 
Industrial dust collectors, fume extractors and air scrubbers.

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Inductrial HVAC systems and components.


Canada Blower Backward Curved Pressure Blowers utilize rugged all-welded backwardly curved wheels designed for clean air applications, but also capable of handling light particulate-laiden or moist airstreams.

Sales of commercial ventilators and Canada Blower industrial fans, such as high temperature fans, high pressure blowers and explosion proof fans, stainless steel and fiberglass ventilators. Quick delivery from stock of centrifugal and axial blowers and Canada Blower fans.

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Industrial Canada Blower, New York high temperature oven fans, blowers ventilators, Canadian Blower (Chicago) baking dry off ovens, conveyorized automatic oven, high temperature dryer with circulation plug fans, blowers and air-kits. High temperature paint ovens with water cooled centrifugal and axial plug fans, blowers and exhaust fans. Heavy duty and custom built Canadian Blower - Chicago Blower fans; Canada Blower - New York industrial ventilators; air handling units; high pressure blowers - centrifugal and axial fan ventilators.

Canada Blower SQI is a high performance, trouble free packaged fan proven in multitude of industrial applications. With its radial wheel and square housing design, the SQI is efficient, economical and versatile industrial fan.

The Canada Blower SQI wheel with paddle radial blades is designed to handle various types of materials, long fibers or other stringy material as well as sticky, heavy or abrasive dust airstreams. Typical fan applications include material conveying, induced draft, industrial ovens and similar high temperature installations to 1000 F. Lint-free construction, in which housing hardware is reversed to limit obstructions in the airstream, minimizes lint build-up.